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Conference Room

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Conference Room Tables/Furniture
Hundreds of style/configuration/finish options


Napoli Collection - Mahogany Finish

Conference Room Tables

  • Rectangular
  • Boat Shaped
  • Racetrack
  • Round 

Training Room Tables

Training Tables
  • Mobile & easy to store
  • Different shapes
  • 5 models
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 Aberdeen - Selected sizes and finish colors
 Corsica - Mahogany or Sierra Cherry
 Napoli - Selected sizes and finish colors
 Sorrento - Espresso or Bourbon Cherry
 Medina - Selected sizes and finish colors
 Sterling - Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, or Mocha only

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Conference Tables for your Conference Room

Welcome to Conference Room Outfitters, a resource and store dedicated to furnishing conference rooms with tables, chairs and accessories.

You're looking for just the right table to reflect the values of your company. Although there are many...

Conference Room Outfitters has the resources you need to make the best choice.

SIZE & Space Planning

Choosing the right size and shape conference table is the first step. Of primary consideration is the size of the table. Will it fit in the room and will it accommodate the number of chairs required. Guest chairs may be used in some circumstances to add more seating.

If the table is too large, it will not permit visitors to navigate around chairs that have been pushed back. Read more about conference room table sizes here...


Conference Tables are available in several styles and materials:

  • Hard wood veneer vs. High pressure laminate surface
  • Color: Cherry; Mahogany; Espresso, etc.

Why Buy from Us

Have you noticed that this website is different? Its different on purpose. Our customers constantly telling us how they appreciate the information and layout. 

But our service to our customers doesn't stop at the website. Just look at these advantages offered by National Office Outfitters LLC that our customers continually appreciate....Read more

The style of a conference table expresses a message to all attendees. It is often the first room customers or office guests sees that influences their impressions of the company.

If the conference table's work surface is thick and made with walnut or cherry hard woods in a classic board room design, the table sets a more formal and serious tone conveying wisdom , maturity and strength. Read more about conference room table styles here...


A conference table's style may make a first impression, but it is a chair that makes a lasting impression. Chairs are available in executive or guest type. Executive chairs come is several different styles including low, mid and high back versions in a multitude of materials and padding thicknesses. See conference room chairs here...


In order to make a conference room fully functional, you may need accessory furniture. A properly sized and positioned whiteboard can double as a projector screen. A low-wall cabinet or buffet cabinet can serve as addition storage. Perhaps a podium or small table with guest chairs is appropriate for your space. See conference room accessories here...